Uganda is an English-speaking country so the knowledge of English is essential. Is your command of English strong enough to work in an English-speaking environment?

    The hospital’s management will evaluate each application on an individual basis and give its approval based on:
    - The availability of housing for the period requested;
    - The applicant’s skills compared with the hospital’s needs;
    - The ability to safely integrate the applicant into the hospital’s regular activities without overloading the staff (the hospital cannot monitor or assign a personal tutor to each visitor);
    - The existence of a formal cooperation agreement, in the applicant’s area of expertise, between the hospital and other organizations.

    Please attaché your CV in English as well as a cover letter, also in English.
    You may attach other documents such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, proof of knowledge of English, etc.

    Important information


    You must assume the costs for air and land transportation as well as housing costs. The Lacor Hospital can provide land transportation to the hospital from Entebbe or Kampala for approximate $US 440 round trip. Housing costs on average $US 600 per month and includes three meals per day. The costs mentioned may vary depending on the exchange rate of the Ugandan shilling.


    All-risk insurance coverage is mandatory.
    Travel medical insurance
    Emergency medical care: minimum $1,000,000
    Accidental death/dismemberment: minimum $100,000
    Professional liability insurance
    Coverage in the event of injury cased to a third party in the course of a professional action. Please make sure that this insurance covers your complete stay at the Lacor Hospital. Further information is available from your professional order.

    Work Permit

    Medical and nursing internships require a temporary work permit. It is a long process, so it must be started several months in advance. Please find out about the costs.

    For the doctors’ and dentists’ council, go to:
    For the nurses’ council, go to:
    We will request proof that you have obtained this permit.

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    How To Submit Your Responses

    Option 1

    Text Response By E-mail

    Simply e-mail and either type your response directly in the email, or attach a word document. Remember to properly name your documents with your full name. You can also attach photos to help demonstrate your idea.

    Option 2

    Video Response By Wetransfer

    1. Upload your video as instructed.
    2. Email to:
    3. Type in your own email address.
    4. Rename your title as your full name.
    5. Add in a short description to the message.
    6. Click transfer.