TO ALL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS (physicians, nurses, students and interns; to be able to participate in the hospital’s activities (even as an observer) you MUST have:
    - Travel medical insurance with emergency medical coverage of at least $1,000,000 as well as accidental death/dismemberment coverage of at least $100,000.
    - Professional Liability insurance: For coverage in the event of accidental harm to a third party in the course of a professional action. Please make sure that this insurance covers the entire period of your stay at the Lacor Hospital. Further information is available from your professional order.

    - Registration with the Ugandan professional association (for physicians and nurses).

    Please note: You must count on a 3-month timeline from the time the application is sent to the UMDPC (Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council) with the requested documents, and pay $US 400 to register for the first time (renewals are less expense, faster and easier). Information: for physicians:
    For nurses:

    Please provide the following information:


    Yes, I have complete insurance coverage

    Attach proof-of-insurance document

    Do you need transportation between the airport and hospital? (Please note that it is a 6-hour trip by car from Kampala to Gulu and transport is done during the day only).

    Both waysUpon arrival onlyUpon departure only

    Flight information

    Arrival date

    Departure date

    What type of meal plan do you wish to have?

    Full pension (3 meals per day)Half-pension (2 meals per day)One meal per dayNo meals included

    Do you have any questions or explanations to give us?

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