The Teasdale-Corti Foundation and Lacor Hospital are deeply grateful to all those individuals and organizations whose contributions and participation helps support our cause.

Foundation Ambassador

Marina Orsini, actress and radio host

“A source of inspiration for all of us, Lucille and Piero’s story is one that must continue being told and celebrated. Humanity counts only a few heroes, and we need more of them…” Marina Orsini, 2011

Campaign Co-President

Mrs. Marie-Josée Coutu

President of Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation

Campaign Co-President

Mr. Jeff Watson

President of Global Generics, Apotex Inc.

Major Partners

Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation

The Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation supports the Women and Children, Operational Costs, and Pharmacy Management Chapters.


Apotex supports the Drugs and Medical Supplies as well as the Pharmacy Management Chapters.


The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) supports the Research Chapter.

Roncalli International Foundation

The Roncalli International Foundation supports the Equipment Chapter.

Intermediate Donors and Collaborators

MNK Financial Services

MNK Financial Services supports the Operational Costs Chapter.

Université de Montréal

The Unité de Santé Internationale of the Université de Montréal collaborates with the Research Chapter, and the Université de Montréal’s Faculty of Pharmacy participates in the Pharmacy Management Chapter.

Université de Sherbrooke

The Université de Sherbrooke’s Faculty of Medicine collaborates with the Women and Children Chapter.



Leaders are individuals who commit to the success of a chapter of their choice by promoting the chapter or the campaign, or by organizing events to raise funds and create awareness about Lacor Hospital.


First Name
Last Name YouTube
Rania Ahmed Watch Video
Yasmin Ahmed Watch Video
Francine Allaire
Hani Auran
Mariana Baldé Watch Video
Fatima Ben Larbi
Elie Betito Watch Video 1 / Watch Video 2
Vanessa Bonita
Matteo Brugnoni
Robert Calderisi Watch Video
Domenico Campo Watch Video
Amélie Carrière Watch Video
Chantal Chartrand Watch Video
Virginie Chartrand Watch Video
Nathalie Chenel Watch Video
Doret Cheng Watch Video 1 / Watch Video 2
Katarzyna Chmielarz Watch Video
Azka Chouhary Watch Video
‪Mario P. Cloutier‪
Louis-Philippe Coutu-Nadeau Watch Video
François Couturier
Joanie Couturier Watch Video
Mauro Covone
Vincent Dagenais Beaulé Watch Video
Charlotte Dansereau Watch Video
Jaspreet Deol Watch Video
Dr Claude Desjardins
Sandra Desrosiers
Patricia Dufour Watch Video
Loubna El-Mekkaoui Watch Video
Alex Fortin
Rodrigo Garcia Watch Video
Anne-Sophie Grenier Watch Video
Alexandrine Guay Watch Video
Yasmine Hachami Watch Video
Grete Hale
Sahra Handulle Watch Video
Elizabeth Hillman
Steve Imperioli Watch Video 1 / Watch Video 2
‪Zanab Jamil Watch Video
Samer Kachami Watch Video 1 / Watch Video 2
Manny Kanani
Nanda Kanani
Niki Kanani Watch Video
Ida Kircanski Watch Video
Allison Kirkwood Watch Video
Émersyle Kumingi Malanda Watch Video
Noémie Ladouceur
Thierry Lafontaine-Chicha Watch Video
Carol-ann Laliberté Watch Video
Isabelle Laurin Watch Video
Joanne Laverdiere
Daniel Lavigueur
Audrey Jessica Lefebvre Watch Video
Mathieu Lemire
Kelly Lynch Watch Video
Danny Marinelli Watch Video
Floriane Martins Watch Video
Mat McKay
Daphné Messier Watch Video
Roza Mohammadi
‪Alexia Muong-Danis‪ Watch Video
Linda Murphy
Sanai Nahidi Watch Video
Selda Nahidi Watch Video
Sevda Nahidi Watch Video
Dan Paquette Watch Video
André Picard
Justin Racine
Marina Radojčić Watch Video 1 / Watch Video 2
Liam Régimbald Beaucage
Yvan Routhier
Geneviève Saey Watch Video
Eric Sansoucy
Marie Sarah
Karine Savoie Watch Video
Dr. Agatha Sidlauskas Watch Video 1 / Watch Video 2
Vikram Singh Watch Video
Lise Teasdale Watch Video
Luxayini Thavabaskaran
Félix Thomson-Desormeaux Watch Video
Cynthia Turmel
Kevin White Watch Video
Christina Zarowsky Watch Video

Many more organizations and individuals, mainly from Uganda, have also contributed to the campaign. They will be added to this page shortly.

For more information or to become a leader, please provide your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Thank you for your interest and support.

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