Operational Costs

Donation target in 2023 in Ugandan shilling: 8.2 billion

Equivalent in Canadian dollars: $2,800,000

The Operational Costs Chapter provides support to the basic logistics of running a hospital—without its services, Lacor would be unable to offer its medical treatments. From supporting salaries to ensuring consistent electricity, cleaning services, and the transportation of medical supplies, this chapter acts as a solid foundation upon which the Lacor Hospital can stand.

0 % of our goal reached in 2019
Operational cost

Johnson’s story

Johnson is a member of the administrative staff at Lacor Hospital. He has a wife and three children. He has now been working at the hospital for ten years and he loves his job, which he chose because he loves working with children. He says that, to him, Lacor is like the mother of all the children who are sick.


Johnson is the Project Officer for projects in Italy, Canada, and Uganda. He told us that since the hospital was created to help poor people, the costs for treatment were not as high as other hospitals, and that the biggest costs at Lacor Hospital were the human resources –despite employees having lower salaries than other NGOs can offer. Helping Lacor Hospital cover its running costs ensures that it can offer accessible health services, thereby fighting disease and poverty in the region.

Lacor Hospital is located in an area that was devastated by a 30 year war; when the war ended in 2007, over 95% of the district’s population was displaced in camps without any means of sustenance except for the humanitarian assistance offered by international emergency organizations. Despite the eventual disbandment of camps and the return of the population to their homesteads, only 10% of the local population is formally employed and poverty remains widespread. The last disaggregated data from the National Household Survey 2012/13 (Uganda Bureau of Statistics) found that poverty in Northern Uganda had increased to 49% (compared to 46.2% in 2009/10). Lacor Hospital offers highly subsidized quality services for at risk groups (mothers and children under six years of age) and patients never pay more than 20% of the cost of treatment they receive. Approximately 65% of the hospital’s annual running costs must be covered from outside Uganda in order to allow the Hospital to provide the population with accessible health care.



Every year, many people commit to helping a specific chapter. Each chapter is crucial in supporting the Lacor Hospital as it carries out its everyday medical tasks while also expanding its capacity to care for all Ugandans.

For more information or to become a leader, please provide your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Thank you for your interest and support.

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