Janet Adong, a driving force at Lacor Hospital

In order to inform you of the daily reality of Lacor Hospital, its nursing staff, and its patients, we would like to share with you examples of achievement and dedication. This is the story of Janet Adong, one of the hospital’s committed healthcare providers.

Janet Adong is filled with energy, and she was a pillar of strength and support in the COVID unit during the pandemic. It was she who supported Brother Elio, a Comboni missionary loved by all, during his illness. She is the trusted nurse directors turn to in special cases, known for her strong and tireless, precise and empathetic healthcare practice.

Her interest in intensive care was born in the Lacor Intensive Care Unit, one of the few in Uganda. During her two years there, she became passionate about research aimed at improving the conditions of her community, as well as teaching. Her time in the unit prompted her to pursue further education.

In October, Janet will complete her studies by presenting a thesis on gastroschisis, a malformation of the abdominal wall that can present at birth. She explains some of her research findings: “During my ICU internship at Lacor, I realized that this malformation is very common, with a very high mortality rate,* and that often the mothers of these babies are very young.”

Janet had a difficult childhood, with few resources and a lot of responsibilities. As the eldest, she was required to take care of younger siblings. However, her determination saw her through a bachelor’s degree in nursing with an internship at Lacor, and then a master’s degree. The early loss of her mother gave her the desire to become a health care worker. “If I had had more medical knowledge,” she confides, “maybe I could have saved her.”

Each year, the hospital identifies specific training needs, opening up possibilities for scholarships. As a result, Janet had the opportunity to further her training. Thanks to a generous donor, the hospital was able to support Janet with a scholarship for a Master’s degree in Critical Care Nursing at the University of Mbarara. Today, she is back at Lacor, working in intensive care and sharing what she has learned with her community.

Janet has clear ideas and a lot of enthusiasm, devoting her energy to specialized assistance, training other nurses, collecting data for research, and outreach in communities. She is extremely grateful: “I thank Lacor Hospital and its donors for the support they have offered, which gave me the opportunity to go back to school to develop myself and contribute to a better future for my community.”

This is how the journey of this energetic young woman continues, tirelessly returning to the hospital each day to serve her people.

To help people like Janet pursue their dream of caring for patients at Lacor Hospital, we invite you to donate to the “Training and Education” chapter of the “Become Part of the Story” campaign. Training & Education – Become Part of The Story

* The mortality rate for gastroschisis is close to 100% in Uganda, compared to 5% in western countries.

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