Welcome to spring! At the heart of this time of change lies Lacor Hospital, whose unwavering spirit continues to inspire transformative initiatives. 

In this issue, we discover Lacor Hospital’s steadfast devotion to providing essential healthcare services, as evidenced by the recent fiscal year’s activities. Despite challenges, the hospital’s mission remains constant in offering care to over 189,000 patients each year, primarily for maternal care and medical specialties. 

On pages 2 and 3, we provide an overview of the hospital’s efforts, highlighting its commitment to offering the best possible healthcare services despite its constrained resources. The hospital’s success at maintaining its original values is a testament to the enduring legacy of those founders and medical visionaries who paved the way. 

In our last story, we celebrate Milan’s recent recognition of Dominique Corti, whose leading fundraising efforts with the hospital’s Foundations have helped ensure the continuity of Lacor’s mission. 

We wish you all a joyful spring filled with hope and renewal.

Teasdale-Corti Team

Trust, transparency, reliability, and accountability are the pillars of Lacor Hospital’s success. Each year, we share the hospital’s achievements with our donors. Thanks also to the support of the Teasdale-Corti Foundation, Lacor Hospital strives to meet local healthcare needs, with an emphasis on the quality of care provided. 

During the fiscal year of July 2022 to June 2023, Lacor Hospital treated 189,499 patients: 30,237 admitted patients and 159,262 recorded outpatient visits. These figures are more than just statistics; they represent lives touched, families supported, and communities strengthened. They testify to the vital importance of the hospital in the community, providing quality care to those in need. Additionally, the hospital performed 8,839 deliveries and 6,446 surgical interventions, underscoring its commitment to maternal health and emergency and routine surgery. 

The hospital’s peripheral health centres in Amuru, Opit, and Pabo also played a crucial role in providing primary healthcare to populations located in particularly poor and remote areas. 35% of patients, totaling 66,602 people, were treated in these centres, illustrating the importance of the hospital extending its impact beyond its main facility. 

But beyond numbers and data, there are human stories that define the true essence of Lacor Hospital. The numbers include the story of a mother who safely gave birth to her child thanks to the caring efforts of the hospital’s dedicated staff. They hold the story of a patient saved from a severe injury through emergency surgery. These stories resonate in every hospital room and hallway, reminding us of Lacor Hospital’s tangible impact on the lives of the people it serves. 

In addition to clinical services, Lacor Hospital is crucial in training healthcare professionals. With 813 students, including 547 students from technical schools in Lacor and 226 students from the government Faculty of Medicine in Gulu, the hospital actively contributes to the development of local professionals. Additionally, the 40 newly graduated interns carrying out their one-year internships actively contribute to the hospital’s clinical activities.

Lacor Hospital’s commitment to the community extends beyond the provision of healthcare services. As the largest private employer in northern Uganda, the hospital generates employment opportunities for 671 people, contributing to the local economy in an area where over 60% of households survive on subsistence farming and less than 20% have at least one household member with a paid job (Uganda Bureau of Statistics National Workforce Survey, 2021). 

With 8,839 deliveries, including 2,212 cesarean sections, the hospital ensures access to quality obstetric care in a region where the risk of dying during pregnancy and childbirth is still extremely high. Although there has been a significant reduction from the 460 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births in the year 2000, the present 343 maternal deaths for 100,000 live births is still extremely high, especially when compared to Canada’s 11 maternal deaths for 100,000 live births (World Bank, 2020). Furthermore, with 7,017 children annually admitted to its 112 pediatric beds, the hospital does a great deal to face the region’s still significant burden of childhood diseases. 

As a pillar of the community, Lacor Hospital embodies the values of transparency and ethics. Annual operating costs following the economic crisis of the Covid pandemic and the conflict in Europe have reached CAD 9.6 million: a tiny sum compared to Canadian hospitals, showing just how much the hospital accomplishes with the funds entrusted to its care. Of these, 45% are allocated to personnel, 33% to drugs and medical supplies, 12% to administration and transportation, and 10% to other crucial expenses. In an area where the unmet health care needs are almost infinite, the hospital strives to stretch its resources to make a difference to as many people as possible. 

Lacor Hospital goes beyond its traditional role as a healthcare institution. It is an engine of economic and social development, providing quality care, generating employment opportunities, and contributing to strengthening the region’s healthcare system. At the heart of these achievements are stories of courage, healing, and hope, making Lacor a symbol of resilience and solidarity. 


Her parents left her a remarkable legacy: a hospital in northern Uganda and the calling to heal. Dominique truly reflects her parents, Piero Corti from Milan and Lucille Teasdale from Montreal. Her path was already set from childhood as she followed her mother and father among the hospital beds or, as a teenager, assisted Lucille as a surgical aide. 

Becoming a doctor seemed the natural continuation of their path, but she achieved it in a different way: working full time with the Foundations to ensure support for the Ugandan professionals who tirelessly fulfill Lucille and Piero’s dream, day by day, in one of the poorest areas on the planet. 

For her life’s work, on December 7, 2023, Dominique was awarded the highest recognition of the City of Milan, the “Ambrogino” (named for the city’s patron saint) from the hands of the city’s Mayor, Giuseppe Sala. 

Thank you to all our donors for answering to the Foundation’s call and offering invaluable support to Lacor Hospital. Your contributions make a real difference in supporting the mission to provide quality healthcare to the hospital’s community. Together, let’s continue to advance our mission. Join us in our commitment to a healthier and brighter future for all. 

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