Mothers & Children

Donation target in 2018 in Ugandan shilling: 2,17 billion

equivalent in Canadian dollars: $750,000

Mothers and children are among the most vulnerable groups of Uganda’s population. Without proper medical care, the rates of maternal mortality, infant mortality, and serious childhood illness are very high. We invite you to support the future of the Ugandan nation by helping us to continue improving the medical care we give to mothers and their children.

0 % of our goal reached in 2018

Salomon’s story

Salomon first came to Lacor in 2014, when he was six years old and looking for a cure for the cancer taking over his body. Soon after admission, doctors discovered that Salomon also had HIV.


However, Salomon’s tumor, a sarcoma, had already spread to other organs, including his chest wall and cervical lymph nodes. He suffered from chronic diarrhea, and was so sick that doctors were unsure whether he would survive. But he did. As soon as he arrived at Lacor, doctors gave him chemotherapy. In time, all of his tumor localizations disappeared, and he gradually recovered health. One staff member told us: “I can tell you that he recovered very well from the cancer. He is now a healthy kid and has returned to school. He has a sister who loves him and always comes with him. Salomon smiles all the time and he always says that he wants a hug—and some meat!”


Salomon returns to Lacor on a regular basis to receive his HIV drugs and to check if there is any recurrence of the cancer. So far, there has been none; Salomon is doing well.

Most cancer patients in Uganda have no access to treatment. There is only one specialized cancer center, which is in Kampala, the capital. There are only 3 registered oncologists and 42 pathologists in all of Uganda. The per capita healthcare expenditure in Uganda (that is, the average of everything spent on health from any source in one year for each person) is 52 USD (World Bank 2014), 25% of which is the government’s contribution, while most of the remaining amount is made up of “out of pocket” expenditures. Even very small costs for common illnesses can be financially disastrous for poor households, who may avoid seeking care or become pushed into poverty. In comparison, per capita healthcare expenditure in Canada is 5,200 USD (WHO 2014), of which 70% is the public (government) contribution. According to the World Health Organization’s 2014 World Health Statistics, 49% of households in Uganda face devastating payments for health care. Lacor Hospital is the only center in northern Uganda that can treat those cancers that are most effectively treated with the older, cheaper chemotherapies (i.e. treating a child with Burkitt’s lymphoma costs approx. 420 CAD). Cancers that require thousands or tens of thousand dollars for treatment or management are unthinkable for families who live on less than a dollar a day.



Every year, many people commit to helping a specific chapter. Each chapter is crucial in supporting the Lacor Hospital as it carries out its everyday medical tasks while also expanding its capacity to care for all Ugandans.

For more information or to become a leader, please provide your information and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Thank you for your interest and support.