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Join us in this e-learning site, which offers an innovative and collaborative way to improve your ability to provide health care in a low-resource setting.
Are you a problem solver who likes a challenge?

Lacor Hospital strives to provide the best health care possible to the population in Northern Uganda. With very few resources to serve a great number of people, urgent situations have always created difficult obstacles.

In overcoming challenges often faced in low-resource settings, Lacor’s team has developed great problem-solving skills.

Problem solving is part of Lacor’s everyday work environment. It’s in their DNA.

This e-learning site offers an innovative and collaborative way to improve your ability to provide health care in a low-resource setting. Our goal is to share knowledge gained through years of experience working with the population in Northern Uganda.

It is a free collaborative online platform enabling professionals, global health experts, interns and students to learn from Lacor’s team experiences.

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Your solutions will need to take into account the following elements:
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Please note that the Teasdale Corti Foundation will contact you in regards to the e-learning exercise.
Why learn from Lacor?
The case studies and video modules are prepared by pharmacists who have worked or are working at the Lacor Hospital Pharmacy. This is a place where pharmacists can share their successes and challenges, highlighting how the healthcare system and patients benefit from their work.

Unique story lines in special settings

We provide learning to support participants who strive to provide high quality care in low-resource settings

Collaborative case studies

Upon reading our case studies, we invite participants to attend live conferences to share solutions with other participants and discuss the different points of view

Interactive videos

We compile the different perspectives into short, illustrative, and easy-to-follow videos.

This e-learning site will provide support for pharmacists who are working in a low-resource setting.
It will also provide resources and knowledge for pharmacy students from high and low-income countries, undergrads and postgrads who are studying to become pharmacists, or who are conducting internships.
Everyone benefits when individuals and organisations with similar ideals work together on shared objectives.
Watch the evolution of the Lacor Hospital Pharmacy Department
Pharmacy Management
A key to improving the patient’s health through access to quality medicines and pharmaceutical care.

In limited resource communities throughout the world, the knowledge and skills of pharmacists are essential to increase access to safe, quality medications that can save lives.

Pharmacists are medication experts who can utilize their expertise to facilitate medication safety, the responsible use of medicines, supply chain management and strengthening of pharmaceutical systems. Pharmacists’ care not only addresses local gaps in patient care and public health, but it also benefits broader global health efforts. Along with other disciplines, pharmacists are indispensable partners and collaborators working to achieve the third Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of good health and well-being for all.

Lacor Hospital Pharmacy Projects
The Lacor Hospital has been involved in many initiatives and projects over the years.
Think you are up for the challenge?
Join us in this special e-learning experience
Many people have made this e-learning project possible.
Without their help and dedication, this project would not have come to fruition.

Josephyn Hoyelah

Ugandan Pharmacist

Jacob Odora

Ugandan Pharmacist

Jacintha Otine

Ugandan Pharmacist

Doret Cheng

Canadian Pharmacist

Susan Fockler

Canadian Pharmacist

Caroline Potvin

Canadian Pharmacist

Sandra Hercegova

Researcher and Writer

Yimin Liang


Victoria Fung


Evan Shuster

Website Designer and Writer

Gillian Bright


Maria Byoma


Lacor Hospital and Teasdale-Corti Foundation teams
And last but not least
The Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation, who make it possible for Lacor’s Pharmacy Department to create progress that would have otherwise been impossible.
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