Lacor Hospital represents years of determination, courage and sacrifice. It is more than just a hospital, it’s a legacy of empowerment.

Become Part of the Story is a fundraising campaign organized by the Teasdale-Corti Foundation and the Lacor Hospital. The campaign invites people like you to support healthcare in Uganda, to help save lives, and to make a difference to an entire community.

Behind the Lacor Hospital is an incredible story. A Canadian-Italian couple, Drs. Lucille Teasdale and Piero Corti, gave their lives to Lacor, developing it from a small bush hospital into a major health complex.

Despite the wars, extreme poverty, AIDS and Ebola epidemics, and the deaths of the founders, the hospital grew to become a beacon of hope to the people of Northern Uganda and a symbol of resilience to the international community.

Watch this extraordinary story

A population that needs your help

The Lacor Hospital now faces a financial crisis. After the war ended, aid provided by emergency humanitarian donors moved onto other conflict zones.


We need your support to continue providing health care services to a population that is most in need. Without Lacor, hundreds of thousands of people would not have access to health care and this remarkable legacy would be lost.

Today, the Lacor Hospital employs 600 Ugandans

and treats over 250,000 patients.

Lacor relies on the involvement of many donors to keep it running.

To fulfill its activities in 2024, Lacor Hospital needs 27.8 billion Ugandan shillings (equivalent to 9.5 million Canadian dollars)

Amount needed to reach goal in 2024

0 billion Ugandan shillings

equivalent to

0 million Canadian dollars
Women & Children

General Care

Training & Education
Operational Costs

Drugs & Medical Supplies
Pharmacy Management


Info & Comm. Technologies

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Thank you for your interest and support.

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